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Explain the methods used in qualitative and quantitative research

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projective techniques - to understand people's underlying or subconscious feelings, attitudes, interests, opinions, needs, and motives

Intensive techniques - in-depth interview - help the interviewer probe respondents' deeper feelings, expensive and time consuming

focus group - company invites six or more participants typical of the target market to a group session to discuss the product, the service, or the marketing situation

Ethnographic research - trying to understand behavior and culture by going out and talking to people wherever they are, while they're doing whatever it is they do


Observation method - monitor people's actions, one way is through Universal Product Codes (UPCs) aka bar codes to see what is selling and how well its selling, or video cameras

Experimental method - researcher alters the stimulus recieved by a test group and compares it to that of a control group, difficult and expensive

Survey - gain information through questioning of current or prospective customers, though it has pors and cons as well

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