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Our goal: revolutionize the way we all learn.

While guest lecturing at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Dallas in 2007, we noticed that we shared a major challenge facing all college students - and it surfaced again and again:

"How can I learn more efficiently?"

Current learning tools provide little or no help. To date they have either focused on supporting teachers (virtually ignoring the needs of the learner), or are too expensive and limited in what they do. We want to approach study focused on the person who is actually trying learn. Since we are passionate about lifelong learning, and the World Wide Web, we decided to put together a global community of learners that combines the idea of community generated content and rankings with scientifically-proven methods for organizing and retaining knowledge.

The ideas are simple: lots of people adding flashcards, simple tools that teach you and help you remember. Amazingly enough, some very simple tools can dramatically increase a person's ability to learn while decreasing the amount of time required.

YoYoBrain.com is owned and operated by White Space Ventures, LLC, a partnership of two experienced entrepreneurs, Will Bunker and Dan Owen. Will Bunker is an industrial engineer and self-taught programmer based in Portola Valley CA who co-founded the company that became Match.com. Dan Owen is a private investor, interactive media pioneer (SpectraVision hotel movie systems) and co-founder of HO2 Partners, a Dallas TX-based venture capital firm. For more information see www.whitespaceventures.biz

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