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Discuss how research helps advertisers select media vehicles

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To develop media strategies, select media vehicles, and evaluate their results, advertisers use a subset of advertising research called media research. Agencies subscribe to syndicated research services that monitor and publish information on the reach and effectiveness of different types of media vehicles (internet, newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) in every major geographic market in the US and Canada.

For example, you could find that your target audience for Holiday Inn Express tends to watch cable fare focused on News and Sports (CNN, ESPN, The Weather Channel), and that they tend to make their travel plans early in the week, so you would choose to run ads on those networks on Sunday and Monday nights. Even with a small ad budget, the concentration of ads on 2 evenings using a small # of networks gives the most exposure to the target audience, and while they are watching TV and thinking about traveling.

Also, good fresh campaigns have the potential to receive additional boosts from unpaid references, such as the slogan being repeated on ESPN, Letterman, NPR, and the Washington Post.

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